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The Bulldogpress 5 Ton Press

About 5 Ton Bulldogpresses (S110)
Weight 18kg
Hight 420mm
Width 190mm
Breth 110mm

Plates (10mm Thick)
Hight 28mm
Width 110mm
Breth 90mm

*Only 1 magnet to go with 5 Ton Press.

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The Bulldogpress D270

Total weight: 76kg
Complete Press: Length- 61.5cm
Width- 14cm
Breath- 40.5cm
Plate Size: 270mm x 100mm x 38mm
Bottle Jack: 20 Ton
2 x PID’s (one per plate)
Steel Frame: (sides) 16mm Thick
(top and bottom) 20mm Thick
(face plates) 8mm Thick
Handle and bottom strengthen plates 20mm

  • This Bulldogpress D270 is suitable for bulk Pressing and also comes with a 1 year electronic and Hydraulic guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the frame.


*Only 2 magnets to go with 20 Ton Press

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